Paraffin treatment

Paraffin can do so much more than just provide romance!

Discover a pure wellness experience for your feet and hands. Paraffin baths give dry skin suppleness and provide them with moisture. The soothing warmth comes to the rescue against stiff joints and muscle fatigue. Regular treatments can contribute to counteract age spots and alleviate wrinkles.

Often, these baths are also applied to swollen feet and to strengthen the connective tissue. A better circulated skin feels not only beautiful, but also looks healthier and fresher.

When treated with paraffin, your hands or feet are immersed in special paraffin basin. The paraffin opens the skin pores immediately. The moisture generated in the process can move perfectly into the skin to moisturize it and make it soft. Irritation of cracking and/or chapped skin can be alleviated. The warmth of the wax and the fact that it lays itself on your skin like a second skin makes it easier for your skin to absorb previously applied care products and thus their effects are amplified.


Paraffin baths are not only used for wellness treatments. Because of the very exceptional thermal storage properties of the wax and its excellent warming nature, it is often used by doctors and physiotherapists to treat pain associated with arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis and similar problems.

Paraffin baths are also used in rheumatism and against joint diseases. However, at the FishSpa it is only used for body care and relaxation.

Paraffin treatments

Treatment price
Hands 19 Euro
Feet 19 Euro