Wellness, effect and hygiene

Important information for our guests

Your feet will be washed before the spa treatment using fresh water. At the same time, we will look for open cuts, wounds, and injuries.

Our fish live in tanks with 28°C warm water and begin nibbling immediately after you dip in your feet.

Your skin is freed of dead skin cells and gets a soft, very comfortable feeling. The blood circulation is stimulated, skin regeneration and the formation of new skin cells are supported. At the same time, the skin is rejuvenated and massaged during the spa treatment.

Our fish are used exclusively for pedicures!


The fish pedicure treatment does not hurt. Rather, it feels as if your skin is kissed 1,001 times. Our Garra Rufa do an awful lot! This unique wellness treatment has the following effects:

  • it is relaxing
  • it supports blood circulation
  • supports the skin’s regeneration
  • frees the skin from dead skin cells
  • supports the generation of new skin cells


Hygiene has top priority with us. Not only to protect our fish, but also our guests. Our tanks are constantly cleaned. Every 8 minutes, the water is filtered and sterilized over 8 times with a UV filter. Furthermore, the water is renewed with a special circulatory system after each treatment. You as a guest can therefore feel safe at all times, knowing that you dip your feet in fresh water and can relax entirely during this unique spa treatment for your skin. Enjoy it! To our knowledge, to this day there have been no negative reports on diseases transmitted by Garra rufa fish.

ATTENTION: Important information!

For hygiene reasons, we do not treat customers with our fish who have a history of skin diseases, such as eczema, psoriasis, fungal diseases or other skin injuries. Also, we are not allowed to treat HIV patients, or people with hepatitis B or hepatitis C. All other treatments are of course possible. We ask you for your understanding, because this is for your own safety. You are diabetic or hemophiliac? Let us know before the treatment. Thank you!


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