Frequently asked questions

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Can I apply cream to skin before the fish treatment?

No! Both, on the before and the day of your treatment, do not use any cream on your feet. Otherwise, our fish will not “go to work”. They don’t like cream, and it can be dangerous, too, as some creams will clog their gills.

How does it feel?

Initially, it tickles and during the spa treatment, it triggers a tingling sensation, resulting in a relaxing foot massage.

Does it hurt?

Since the fish do not have teeth the spa treatment causes no pain.

Can I become infected with diseases?

No! The fish can not transmit diseases to humans. Besides, our top priority is HYGIENE. Feel free ask our staff about the measures we take, we will be more than happy to answer your questions on site!

Do the fish actually nibble?

No, the Garra Rufa can not bite, hence they can not really nibble. They basically remove the soaked dead skin with their lips; like tiny little suction cups that scrape along your skin’s surface.

Can I have a treatment if I have warts or a fungal nail infection?

Since both are contagious, it would be contrary to our health- and safety guidelines. Therefore: no.

Can I have a treatment after applying tanning lotion?

No, it might be poison for our fish!

If I’m not sure if I have a medical condition, can I still have a treatment?

No, in this case our fish can not treat you. Sorry.

Can I have a treatment, for example, if I have a gnats bite or an open blister?

No, your skin must be absolutely intact. So if you have any wounds, be it a cut injury, an open blister, a scratch or even a mosquito bite, you can not have a fish pedicure.

How can I pay?

Quite comfortably, either in cash or with your debit card.

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